June 14, 2011
IKEA partners with DSRF to Create Room for Readers
By: Natalie Morin, DSRF Marketing and Development Coordinator

It's time! On Saturday, July 9th DSRF volunteers and staff will join forces with IKEA Coquitlam to Create Room for Readers! We will host an official grand opening of the new space on August 13th, more details coming soon.

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For the past several years DSRF’s main floor library area has been host to a collection of books, journals and newsletters related to Down syndrome. In more recent years the use of this library has significantly declined due to the availability of information online.

In April 2011, our lonely library was given a breath of fresh air brought by the addition of four new one to one reading programs being hosted there. Early Foundations, Success Builders, Launch Pad, and Read On! are special additions to DSRF’s programs division, The Centre for Specialized Learning.

As the reading programs commenced, we knew that the library space could be better utilized and that changes needed to be made to create a more inviting, comfortable and functional space. Fuelled by their belief that ‘any space can be beautiful’ and their dedication to making a difference in lives of children and families across Canada, our friends at IKEA Coquitlam offered their support to carry out a redesign of the DSRF library! Together our teams envisioned a welcoming and functional room for our new readers, a more condensed space to house our reference books and a space where families can enjoy reading together.

The initial planning of the redesign is underway and is expected to be completed in late July. When the library is ready, we will invite families and community members to the official library unveiling with a special story time reading of one of our favorite books!

A HUGE thank you to the wonderful team at IKEA for their dedication, hard work and sharing in DSRF’s vision to Create Room for Readers!

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