10 Lessons My Daughter Is Teaching Me

Ten years seems like a long time. A long time to be alive and learning and growing and discovering new things – and that’s just us. You’ve had a lot going on too!


When I tell A about her birth, how will the story go? I was scared? I didn't know what to do, how to go on? How to start over? Will I tell her I had to fight to feed her for nearly 2 months with a fight so intense I forgot about Down Syndrome?

The Party

I have been worried about this birthday party for weeks. Who should we invite? How many? Too many will overwhelm her and too few is too vulnerable to no-shows. I don't like relying on plan A. I need B, C and sometimes D. What will we do? Free for all or structured entertainment? Will anyone come? Does she have any friends? Will she have a good time? Will I? Who is this about?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Children and Adults with Down Syndrome

Sleep Disordered Breathing may be a significant problem for children, adolescents and adults with Down syndrome. Learn more.

The Pool

When my little duck 'A' was born, my main exposure to people with disabilities was from seeing them at community centres and pools with their attendants, hired or sometimes aging mothers whose little ducks would never leave the nest. My fearful mind immediately cast me into that role, my own body weakened from years of grief and neglect, supporting a child who would never swim or run or be free of needing me.

Putting Myself in Her Shoes

I look up into my Mom’s eyes, wanting to show her my picture. It’s almost done. Looking back I see a stripe of white along the edge. Not right. Not right at all. Needs more pink.


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