female toddler with Down syndrome sleeps on blue pillow, cuddling teddy bear

Down Syndrome + Sleep Webinar

How to overcome challenges and create a healthy sleep routine

Occupational Therapist Hina Mahmood will provide an overview of how challenges with sleep can impact everyday functioning for individuals with Down syndrome. She will cover the physiological factors that affect sleep quality, discuss the prevalence of sleep apnea and how it is diagnosed and treated. This presentation will also include a look at the behavioural factors that impact sleep and provide strategies to help create a consistent sleep routine with a foundation of healthy sleep habits.

Hina is DSRF’s senior OT and has been at DSRF since 2016. Prior to obtaining her degree she worked at DSRF for six years as the administrative assistant and volunteer coordinator, as well as a teacher’s assistant for the Reading & Communication program. Hina is passionate about working with individuals of all ages who have special needs and values a collaborative approach. Hina is trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding and has given presentations on topics including toileting, increasing independence in school aged children, vision and DS and executive functioning. She is also interested in how medical challenges, such as sleep apnea and digestive issues, affect learning and development for individuals with Down syndrome. Hina is also the co-host of The LowDOWN: A Down Syndrome Podcast.