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Education - Organizations

Down Syndrome International has published the International Guidelines for the Education of Learners with Down Syndrome.

The British Columbia Ministry of Education has produced a series of guidelines and policy decisions regarding special education in the province of British Columbia. The guidelines cover a full range of subjects, from accessibility to visual problems. A complete listing of topics can be found on the Special Education page of the BC Ministry of website. Some titles in the series include:

  • Individual education planning for students with special needs.
  • Parent's guide to individual education planning.
  • Special education services : a manual of policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Students with intellectual disabilities: A resource guide for teachers.
  • Teaching students with learning and behavioural differences.

Down's Syndrome Association in the UK has produced materials on a variety of topics in education.

Down Syndrome Education International, based in the United Kingdom, works to advance the development and education of individuals with Down syndrome. Their name reflects the wide reach of their work and emphasizes their commitment to deliver improvements in the quality of life for young people with Down syndrome everywhere.

Education - Online Blogs, Listservs

Council for Exceptional Children - CEC SmartBrief : provides special education news that CEC editors select from hundreds of publications, write a brief summary of each and provide links back to the original sources.

Educational Materials - Adapted/Modified

Davies and Johnson
Specializing in adapted/modified materials for students having difficulty with written output. Their booklets are used successfully in many settings including Classroom Integration, E.S.L., Learning Assistance, A.D.H.D. and Alternate Education. The booklets are written from primary level to high school level. Please note, these workbooks are for written response activities; they are not simplified versions of texts.

Precision Academics
Precision Academics offers a collection of hundreds of Adapted Education Workbooks suitable for students of all ages. These Workbooks contain over 6,000 pages of stimulating activities for students with a wide range of special education needs, such as mild/moderate intellectual disability, Asperger's Syndrome, AD/HD, ESL, dyslexia. Principal author, Educational Psychologist and Special Education Adviser, Val Gray, brings her extensive experience and training in the field of special education to this unique product, which has been in development and use in Australia since 1997.

Educational Materials - Inclusion - British Columbia

Beyond the Box Basics. Beyond the Box Basics is based in Vancouver and it delivers professional developement workshops for educators and parents supporting students with diverse needs.

Steps Forward : Inclusive Post Secondary Education Society. Steps Forward is a British Columbia non-profit Society incorporated in 2001 under the Society Act. The mandate of Steps Forward is to set up and facilitate inclusive post-secondary education in British Columbia. Inclusive post-secondary education means persons with intellectual disabilities attend regular classes at colleges or university and participate in the usual activities of campus life.

Educational Materials - Literacy

Literacy skill development for students with special needs : a strength-based approach / by Leslie Todd Brown & Patricia Oelwein. Port Chester, NY : National Professional Resources, 2007.

Educational Researach - Databases

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) - The ERIC mission is to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use, searchable, Internet-based bibliographic and full-text database of education research and information. ERIC provides ready access to education literature to support the use of educational research and information to improve practice in learning, teaching, educational decision-making, and research.


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