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Family Information Series 2017-18

DSRF is pleased to present our Family Information Series from September 2017 to June 2018.

By monitoring important health care screening, guiding appropriate behaviour for successful social interactions, incorporating knowledge about communication strengths into everyday routines, and planning for the future, we can maximize the potential for a good life for our loved ones with Down syndrome.

The Down Syndrome Research Foundation is pleased to present our Family Information Series from September 2017 to June 2018. This series will be offered on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30, for parents and relatives of children with Down syndrome of any age, and provides an opportunity for families to meet other families while hearing from professionals who are happy to share their expertise. The sessions will be at DSRF (1409 Sperling Avenue in Burnaby) and light refreshments will be served.

Registration is for the entire series (not a drop in program). Please contact by September 8 to register.

Sept. 12: Profiles of Learning and Development in Down Syndrome

Families will learn what we currently know about the overall characteristics and learning style commonly associated with Down syndrome, and how we can effectively apply this knowledge to optimize development and functioning at all ages. The impact of health factors, cognitive development, and physical and sensory needs on long term goals will also be discussed.

Jillian Baldwin, M.Sc. RSLP is a speech and language pathologist at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation in Burnaby, BC. She completed her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at UBC and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Oct. 24: Preventative Health

In this presentation we will discuss important preventative health care screening related to Down syndrome and healthy development across the lifespan

Presenter TBA

Nov. 14: Sleep Problems in Down Syndrome

Dr. James Lee, BC Children’s Hospital, is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Neurology. His primary areas of interest are epilepsy and sleep medicine.

Dec. 12: Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

Dr. Rosebush will discuss dental issues commonly encountered in people with DS and some strategies for keeping teeth and mouth healthy.

Dr. William Rosebush is a family dentist practicing in Vancouver.

Jan. 9: Will, Trust and Estate Planning

Becoming well-informed about wills, trusts and estate planning is necessary to secure the financial future of your loved one with a disability. The presenters will explain how to arrange your estate, prepare a will, and the various ins and outs of setting up a trust specifically for your relative or loved-one with a disability.

Presented by PLAN Institute. Ken M. Kramer is a lawyer specializing in disability-related wills, trusts and estate planning, and Laurie Geshke is a parent with experience in trust, representation agreements, RDSP and other disability-related issues from a family-perspective.

Feb. 13: Supporting Communication at Any Age

By making the most of every-day communication opportunities, you can help your child to increase their independence, and help them achieve their goals. In this talk DSRF Speech-Language Pathologist Marla Folden will cover the communication profile commonly associated with Down syndrome, how to take advantage of natural opportunities and the key communication areas that can be practiced at home and in the community. This presentation will focus on concrete tools you can start using right away. A question and answer period will be included.

Marla Folden, M.Sc. RSLP completed her Masters of Science at McGill University in Speech-Language Pathology. While attending McGill, she ran a research project about intensive speech treatment for teens with Down syndrome and childhood apraxia of speech. She enjoys working with individuals with developmental differences, and worked at the DSRF as a program assistant and instructor prior to returning to school to study Speech Pathology.

Mar. 27: Supporting Readers of All Ages

This presentation will focus on supporting readers of all ages by exploring how to adapt strategies to suit readers at any level of development. The audience will be introduced to useful strategies for improving reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary development and will learn how reading practice can be incorporated into everyday situations. We will also share ideas for finding age and level appropriate reading materials, including traditional print materials, audiobooks and online content.

Eleanor Stewart, M.Ed has worked at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation since 2008 and is the lead teacher. Eleanor is a BC certified teacher who has a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, with a specialization in reading and exceptionality, from Simon Fraser University. She completed her Bachelor of Education at McGill University.

Danielle McKinney, BEd is BC-certified teacher who completed her Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education with a concentration in Language Arts, at the University of Victoria. She has been with the DSRF since 2011, and has supported the reading development of many children and young adults with Down syndrome.

Apr. 17: Increasing Independence & Function Across the Lifespan

Lillie and Hina will review common challenges faced by individuals with Down syndrome in the areas of self-care, productivity and leisure. They will discuss general strategies and environmental adaptations to increase independence and facilitate success across the lifespan.

Lillie Ryan, M.Sc. O.T. is the lead Occupational Therapist at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation. Lillie received her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from McGill University and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

Hina Mahmood, M.O.T. is an Occupational Therapist at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation. Hina received her Masters in Occupational Therapy from University of British Columbia and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Simon Fraser University.

May 15: Optimizing Mental Wellness

Parents will learn signs and symptoms of some commonly co-occurring mental health issues for people with Down syndrome at each developmental stage. In addition, parents will learn tips for enhancing self-esteem and for maintaining overall good mental health for their children with DS.

Susan Fawcett, M.Sc. RSLP Susan has been the head speech therapist at DSRF since 2003 and is currently at UBC doing her PhD in Family-Centred Positive Behavioural Support.

June 12: Envisioning Home

Pat will facilitate a panel presentation where various home and support models will be presented, leaving time for questions and discussion among families. This discussion will be of interest to families interested in exploring options for a home away from home, now or in the future, for their family member with Down syndrome.

Pat Hanbury, BA is the Director of Programs and Services at DSRF.

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