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Program Funding (Financial Assistance)

DSRF significantly subsidizes all its programs and services to make them as affordable and accessible as possible for all families. The DSRF Bursary Program is additional financial assistance provided to families most in need.

DSRF Children and Youth Bursary

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (DSRF) is pleased to provide the Children & Youth Bursary Program to assist families with the cost of DSRF programs.

The Bursary Program was originally established by DSRF Board Director, George Klukas, who believes financial difficulties should not be a barrier for families to access DSRF’s programs. The program is made possible by the continued support of Mr. Klukas, other major donors, and the Triple-21 Bursary Program which directs 21% of funds donated by individuals and corporations who participate in the monthly giving campaign directly to bursaries.

Application for the DSRF Children & Youth Bursary for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, One to One Reading/Math, Reading Tutor, Positive Behaviour Support or Mental Wellness is now available. Please save the bursary fillable form to your computer before completing it.

Click here to download the Children and Youth Bursary Application Form

All bursary applications will apply for one block only.

In addition to our regular Children & Youth Bursary, we also continue to accept applications for our special COVID-19 Bursary (see below). Families are eligible to receive either the DSRF Children & Youth Bursary OR the COVID-19 Bursary. Please apply for whichever bursary best fits your circumstances.

Special COVID-19 Program Funding

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (DSRF) is pleased to provide a special COVID-19 Bursary Program to assist families with the cost of DSRF programs during the COVID-19 crisis.


1. Children, youth and adults are eligible to apply;

2. Recipient applicant must be a resident of British Columbia for a minimum of 3 months;

3. Recipient applicant must have a diagnosis of Down syndrome;

4. Applicant (or applicant family) accounts with DSRF must be current; those with accounts in arrears are ineligible to receive bursaries;

5. CURRENT total household gross income must be no greater than $125,000.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until further notice. You must submit your application and supporting documents by email to

Click here to download the COVID-19 Bursary Application Form

External Funding Opportunities

In addition to DSRF's program bursaries, the following organizations provide funding for children's programs on an individualized basis:

Families approved for the At Home Program can access an annual maximum of $3,840 for each of three types of therapies: speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Click here for further information.

For adult students, the following post-secondary programs have been approved as programs of study that lead to a gain or improvement in skills needed to work in the National Occupation List of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and are qualified programs for tuition tax credits: Reading and Communication Plus, Budgeting and Money Math, and Social Communication and Navigation. DSRF will issue a T2202A E certificate for tuition paid in each calendar year. These programs are also eligible for the use of Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP).

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