Baskets of Love

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation is very pleased to partner with Baskets of Love Down Syndrome Support Society to help distribute their beautiful baby welcome baskets to families throughout British Columbia.

Having a baby should be one of the happiest times in your life. Having your baby diagnosed with Down syndrome can be scary, and often over-shadows the joy of becoming a parent to this new life. This is especially the case when parents don’t know the diagnosis before their baby is born. The goal of Baskets of Love is to provide comfort, support and resources to new parents by welcoming them to the Down syndrome community in a positive way.

Baskets of Love welcomes new families with a gift basket, especially chosen for babies with Down syndrome, to celebrate their new baby! Each Basket of Love includes information about local and national resources that can help a new family transition more easily and more positively into life with Down syndrome. The baskets also include books about Down syndrome and an assortment of baby items and gifts.

Baskets can be delivered to any hospital, pediatrician, public health nurse, midwife or family in British Columbia, Canada by mail or in-person, depending on location.

Baskets of Love Down Syndrome Support Society is a registered non-profit organization in British Columbia, Canada.

Babies who receive a Basket of Love will automatically become part of our Growing Up Club, through which they will receive a birthday gift on each of their first five birthdays, along with a list of suggested Down syndrome resources tailored for their age.

Click here to learn more or to request a basket

Listen to Baskets of Love Founder Danielle Gibbons on The LowDOWN: A Down Syndrome Podcast