The LowDOWN Podcast

The LowDOWN: A Down Syndrome Podcast brings a professional perspective on issues facing individuals with Down syndrome and their loved ones.

Hosts Marla Folden and Hina Mahmood of the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation welcome North America’s leading Down syndrome experts, parents and self-advocates to cover topics from across the lifespan including health, physical and intellectual development, advocacy, employment and much more.

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Season Six Episodes

white baby with Down syndrome being held by his mom

Baby Talk: Down Syndrome Infant Development

On Season 6, Episode 9 of The LowDOWN: A Down Syndrome Podcast, infant development specialist Bergen Rosebush gives us the lowdown on Down syndrome infant development.

Airing November 2, 2022

young white man with Down syndrome wearing blue dress shirt on black background

Let’s Get to Work: Down Syndrome Employment

On Season 6, Episode 6 of The LowDOWN: A Down Syndrome Podcast, Jason Konowalchuk and Aja Masters give us the lowdown on finding a job as a person with Down syndrome.

Airing October 12, 2022

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