Parent Groups

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation is pleased to offer a variety of parent groups. To register for any of these groups, please click here.

Uniquely Me: Understanding Autism + Down Syndrome

This group is designed for those who support individuals who are Autistic and have Down syndrome. The goal of this workshop is to give caregivers a better foundation for understanding the unique learning profile that their child has. We hope to extend your existing knowledge of Autism in Down syndrome, deepen your understanding of your child, and foster your connection and acceptance. Over 8 weeks, you will get opportunities to share about your child and connect with other caregivers. We hope this course will provide caregivers the opportunity to connect and confide in others who experience similar journeys within the disability community.

Together, we will learn about:

  • What Is Autism and Down Syndrome?
  • Understand differences in:
    • Communication and Socializing
    • Play and Interests
    • Sensory Processing
    • Executive functioning
  • Resources and Support

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise features of Autistic communication, play and differences within sensory needs and learning.
  • Understand the importance of neurodiversity-affirming therapy approaches, and challenge assumptions and stereotypes about Autistic development.
  • Understand some possible differences between Autistic and Down syndrome developing brains, and what these differences can mean for Autistic people.

Dates: Thursdays evenings and Saturday mornings (dates to be confirmed once we have enough registrations to offer the program)

Location: Zoom (virtual); families must be physically present in British Columbia

Group Size: 8

Price: $400 (note: this workshop may be eligible to be covered by autism funding; please contact us if you do not currently have AFU)

Facilitator: Liv Meriano, M.Sc. RSLP(C)

Workshop Schedule:

Session 1: Introduction (Liv Meriano RSLP)
Session 2: Autism + Down Syndrome (Liv Meriano RSLP)
Session 3: Sensory Processing + Emotional Regulation (Hina Mahmood MOT)
Session 4: Communication + Socialization (Liv Meriano RSLP)
Session 5: Play + Interests (Liv Meriano RSLP)
Session 6: Systems of Support (Liv Meriano RSLP) | BONUS: Caregiver Panel
Session 7: Prioritizing Caregiver Mental Health (Susan Fawcett PhD, RSLP)
Session 8: Putting it All Together (Liv Meriano RSLP)

Registration: Click here to register online. Program will begin once we have enough participants to run it.