DSRF’s Down Syndrome Academy

Get Schooled in Down Syndrome!

Class is now in session at DSRF’s Down Syndrome Academy, a first-of-its-kind online education portal offering self-paced multimedia courses on a variety of topics related to Down syndrome, along with a private Down syndrome community.

Each course in the Down Syndrome Academy guides users on a learning journey through comprehensive video, audio, and written resources to help you better understand and support the person in your life with Down syndrome. The courses are intended for parents, caregivers, professionals, and anyone aiming to gain a better understanding of Down syndrome.

As a UK-based educational assistant who supports a 6-year-old girl with Down syndrome recently shared:

“The information DSRF provide is absolutely first class. The videos are a fantastic resource for me. The podcasts are brilliant; I love listening to them. In the 18 months I have been supporting this girl, she has made remarkable progress and this is based on the quality information DSRF provides.”

Through DSRF’s Down Syndrome Academy, powered by Thinkific, this information is now more accessible than ever.

Below is the current course listing. More courses for both caregivers and professionals will be added in the coming months.

Current Courses

For Caregivers:

Down Syndrome 101
Mental Wellness for People with Down Syndrome
Relationships + Sexuality for People with Down Syndrome
Dual Diagnosis: Down Syndrome + Autism

For Professionals:

Down Syndrome for Medical Professionals
Supporting Students with Down Syndrome + Other Developmental Disabilities
Supporting Students with Down Syndrome in Inclusive Classrooms*

*This course is not self-paced; it includes live sessions and follows a schedule that begins in Oct 2023.

The DSRF Circle of Support

DSRF’s Down Syndrome Academy also includes access to a private Down syndrome social community, the DSRF Circle of Support. This community functions like a private Facebook group, allowing users to interact with and learn from others in the Down syndrome community, and to engage directly with DSRF. DSRF’s Circle of Support is free with the purchase of any Academy course or subscription.

Get the Down Syndrome Academy Mobile App

For on-the-go access to all your Down Syndrome Academy courses and the DSRF Circle of Support, download the free Down Syndrome Academy mobile app!

Download: Apple | Android

Free Access for DSRF Families

All families enrolled in any paid DSRF program or service receive a free Caregiver Subscription, which includes access to all caregiver level courses plus the DSRF Circle of Support. To receive your access code, please contact Glen Hoos.

DSRF’s Triple-21 partners (monthly donors) also receive a free Caregiver Subscription.

For Those Outside DSRF

For those who are not enrolled in DSRF programs and services, courses can be purchased individually or by monthly or annual subscription (Caregiver and Professional subscriptions available). The Down Syndrome 101 course is free for all users. All courses and subscriptions include access to the DSRF Circle of Support.

For more information, visit DSRF.org/Academy. For assistance, please contact DSRF Director of Communications Glen Hoos.

See you in class!