Board of Directors

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation is very fortunate to have a Board of Directors consisting of members of our community who are dedicated to our mission and passionate about sharing their talents. The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the health and sustainability of DSRF’s projects, and providing strategic direction that is consistent with our stated purpose and the needs of the community.

Greg Heise headshot

Greg Heise (Chair)

Partner, George & Bell Consulting

Vancouver, BC

Dr. Aven Poynter headshot

Dr. Aven Poynter (Vice-Chair)

Paediatrician (Retired)

Langley, BC

Hugh Woolley headshot

Hugh Woolley (Treasurer)

Managing Partner, Lewis & Company

Vancouver, BC

Barzin Assadi headshot

Barzin Assadi

Insurance Industry Executive

Vancouver, BC

Lata Casciano

Barrister & Solicitor (Retired)

Vancouver, BC

Sally Greenwood headshot

Sally Greenwood

VP Communications and Societal Engagement

Genome, BC

Geoff Griffiths headshot

Geoff Griffiths

Director of Commercialization / Parent, Shackelford Pharma Inc.

Vancouver, BC

George Klukas headshot

George Klukas

Director, Product Management, Upper Canada Forest Products

Richmond, BC

Bridget Noonan headshot

Bridget Noonan

Partner, Clearline CPA and Clearline Consulting

Tamara Taggart headshot

Tamara Taggart


Vancouver, BC

Mike Watson headshot

Mike Watson

Principal, Ignite Management Services Ltd.

Vancouver, BC

David Whittle headshot

David Whittle

Corporate Advisor

North Vancouver, BC