Short Films

Each fall, the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation releases a short film on a topic related to Down syndrome. In these films, we share the lived experiences of people with Down syndrome and their families, along with expertise from DSRF’s team of professional Down syndrome specialists.

CrossRoad: Where Down Syndrome Meets Autism

CrossRoad: Where Down Syndrome Meets Autism (2023) features three families whose child has both Down syndrome and autism. The families open their lives to let us see both the joys and the challenges they experience as they navigate multiple disabilities. DSRF speech therapist Liv Meriano explains the similarities and differences between the two conditions, why it can be difficult to identify autism in a child who has Down syndrome, what to do if you suspect your child might have autism, and how to support a child with Down syndrome and autism.

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Minding My Own Business: Entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome

In Minding My Own Business (2022), we go behind the lens with photographic card maker Andrew Bingham (Through Andrew’s Eyes), glam up with Anu Sarma (Lovebirds by Anu), and discover the recipe to Zamaan Jivraj’s success (The Granola Kid). Andrew, Anu, and Zamaan, along with those who support them in their endeavours, provide both inspiration and practical tips for getting a thriving small business up and running.

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Feeling Down, Looking Up: Mental Health and Down Syndrome

People with Down syndrome and their caregivers have a heightened risk of mental health difficulties including anxiety, depression, elevated stress levels, and more. Feeling Down, Looking Up: Mental Health and Down Syndrome (2021) examines these issues through the eyes of four families (including two self-advocates), who generously share their personal mental health journeys. The film is hosted by DSRF’s Dr. Susan Fawcett, who lends her unique expertise as a mental health professional specializing in Down syndrome.

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Home Sweet Home: Independent Housing Models for People with Down Syndrome

In Home Sweet Home (2020), we visit four young adults with Down syndrome living in various independent and semi-independent housing situations. They show us their homes and we speak with them, their families, and their caregivers about how they manage daily life.