Health and Medical

Quality medical care throughout life is essential for individuals with Down syndrome, who have increased susceptibility to many health issues, including:

Below are links to helpful resources regarding medical care for children, youth, and adults with Down syndrome.

DSRF Resources

The LowDOWN Podcast, Episode 1-3: Dr Brian Chicoine: Optimizing Physical and Mental Health for Adults with Down Syndrome

The LowDOWN Podcast, Episode 2-6: Dr Aven Poynter – Healthy Start: Healthcare for Children with Down Syndrome (Oct. 14, 2020)

DSRF’s Physician Letter: A letter from Dr George Capone to medical professionals, highlighting health issues common to people with Down syndrome and directing them to crucial Down syndrome health resources.

Other Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines: Health Supervision for Children with Down Syndrome

American Academy of Pediatrics Parent/Family Guide 

Global Down Syndrome Foundation Medical Guidelines for Adults with Down Syndrome (2020)

Canadian Health Watch Table

Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome

BC Children’s Hospital: Transition to Adult Care

BC Pediatric Society Transition/Transfer of Patients 

Advocate Medical Group (Adult Down Syndrome Center)