DSRF Helps Children with Down Syndrome Flourish for Life

Giving Tuesday is the world’s largest generosity movement and the biggest annual day for charitable giving. On this day of kindness, the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation has unveiled its new annual giving campaign, Flourish for Life.

blonde haired girl with Down syndrome wearing dark yellow t-shirt grins on grey couch

Starting school can be both an exciting and daunting experience for any family. Transitioning to a new routine is difficult for all children, especially when they don’t know what to expect.

Children with Down syndrome face unique challenges as they enter kindergarten. Delays in the development of speech, communication, reading, and math skills may cause them to quickly fall behind classmates, while unfamiliar people, activities, and environments can lead to social and behavioural difficulties.

Those first few years of education lay an indispensable foundation, so it is imperative that students be given every opportunity to succeed. That’s where the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation comes in.

88% of DSRF families say DSRF has improved their child’s ability
to participate in school and community activities

At DSRF, Canada’s leading Down syndrome specialists blend expertise with meaningful, fun services. Through our individualized and leading-edge programs, services, and resources, we give children with Down syndrome skills and confidence for school, including:

  • developing speech, language and social communication skills (speech language therapy)
  • mastering self-care and daily activities (occupational therapy)
  • cultivating positive behaviours and addressing problem areas (positive behaviour support)
  • developing early reading and math skills (one to one reading and math)
  • assessing the school readiness of students in the areas of classroom basics, literacy basics, and life skills, and providing strategies for each of these spheres (Kinder Kick-off)

Your donation to DSRF’s Flourish for Life campaign directly supports these vital preschool programs, equipping children for school success and giving parents confidence as they approach this new stage of life.

Donate by December 31 at DSRF.org/flourish. Thank you for helping children with Down syndrome to thrive in school and, ultimately, flourish for life.