DSRF’s MCFD Pilot Project

Speech Language Therapy + Occupational Therapy

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation has been awarded a one-year grant by the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Children and Family Development to test new methods of delivering speech language therapy and occupational therapy to children and youth with Down syndrome. This pilot project is part of MCFD’s engagement with various organizations across BC to inform the development of a new service delivery model for children with developmental disabilities (Early Years and Inclusion).

Through this project, DSRF will offer free speech language therapy and/or occupational therapy to selected participants for up to one year. Services will begin sometime after September 1, 2024, and are dependent on capacity. You may be offered individual, group, or family support services either virtually or in person, dependent on both capacity and family circumstances. The nature, frequency, and duration of services will be determined based on the volume of applications.

Please Note: Requesting to participate in this project does not guarantee selection. Selection decisions will be based on the following criteria in order to meet MCFD’s objectives for this funding:

  • child must be between the ages of 5-18
  • rural and remote families will be prioritized (ie. those who live more than a 1-hour drive from DSRF or whose personal circumstances prevent them from regularly coming to DSRF)
  • families who have previously applied for and been denied At Home Program School Aged Extended Therapies funding will be prioritized (Note: families who are currently receiving AHP, AFU, or other regular sources of external funding are not eligible for this project)
  • families must be able to commit to regular therapy services either in person or virtually, e.g., weekly or biweekly, as well as completing home practice exercises developed collaboratively with therapists

All participating families will be required to provide regular feedback on how the services have benefitted them (e.g., surveys, focus groups). Data on child’s progress will be anonymized and sent to MCFD as part of the reporting process.

Click here to request to participate in DSRF’s MCFD Pilot Project

Please submit your request to participate by August 2, 2024. Early submission is encouraged.