young white woman with long brown hair and Down syndrome wearing red sweater and holding flowers is kissed on the cheek by young white man wearing white dress shirt and tie

Sexual Health Webinar Summer 2024

Foundational Concepts in Comprehensive Sexual Health Education: Where to start, where to go!

Understand how concepts including basic body science, emotions, privacy, consent, and bodily autonomy can be taught and practice at home starting at any age and why these topics are important in relationships, independence, and abuse prevention. Andrea will talk about how these concepts can be talked about earlier than you think, while also being relevant throughout life. Parents and caregivers of children with Down syndrome of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Presenter: Andrea Lee, M.Ed.
Andrea is a BC certified teacher and has been at DSRF since 2015 teaching adult group programs and one-to-one math and reading for all ages. She became a certified sexual health educator in 2020 and teaches comprehensive sexual health education to small groups, families, and one-on-one.