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Get Ready for Digital Options!

Essential supplies for your home learning kit

Beginning on March 30, we will be sharing a new learn at home activity everyday. For the next week, we will share ideas for building your home learning kit.

Day Four

Download Some Apps!

For Daily Journaling, Talking Books and Social Stories

Pictello (on sale April 2-4: 50% off!)

Special Stories

For Language Development, Writing Ideas and Fun

Toca Boca (many apps)

Make Beliefs Comix

For Reading and Spelling Skills

Special Words

Preschool University (multiple apps including Awareness of Phonemes, Sounds of Letters, Building and Reading Words, Building and Reading Sentences, Letter Free Phonics, ABC Spelling Magic, Reading Magic, Sentence Reading Magic)

For Reading and Listening to Books

Unite for Literacy

Storyline Online

Dr. Seuss Treasury (Subscription Required - first 30 days free)

News-O-Matic (Subscription Required)

Tarheel Reader

For Math

Number Magic

The Number Race

Classroom Focused Software (Ten Frame Fill, Line ‘Em Up, Count Sort, Word Problems, What’s Hiding, Pattern Sets, Domino Addition)

Eggroll Games (Numbers and Counting, Flash Card Match)

Jungle Education (Jungle Fractions, Jungle Geometry)

Math Geek Mama Dot Cards

Subitize Tree

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