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Please see program brochures (below) for registration dates. Registration opens at 6:00 am on the date of registration and closes the following day at noon. Click here to register.

Our approach comes from the understanding that every learner is an individual with unique strengths and interests, and that learning is optimized when these preferences are incorporated into individual program development. Our high quality programs are taught by a skilled, experienced, multi-disciplinary team and are backed by the results and insights observed through continuous program evaluation.

The outcomes for individuals with Down syndrome can be maximized by providing opportunities for rich social connections with family and friends, participation in the community, optimal health care, as well as the opportunity to learn through instruction that is tailored to the profile of the learner. Our aim is to assist in the development of children into adults who are confident, self-reliant, resourceful, socially connected, and able to make positive contributions to their community. At the Down Syndrome Research Foundation, our educational programs are designed to enhance the skills that will support full social inclusion. We do this through a focus on three key areas: speech and language, reading and communication, and enhancing the life skills that will foster maximum independence.

The following programs are currently being offered. Click on link for registration form, or call our office at 604-444-3773.

Age birth to 3

Need help with program funding?

Click here to download DSRF's bursary application form. See below for more funding options.

Age 3 - 6

Age 7 - 12

Age 13 - 18

Age 19+


Did you know that DSRF now has two bursary programs available to assist families with the cost of programs?

The Klukas Bursary was founded by a long-standing DSRF Board member, George Klukas, who believes that finances should not be a barrier for families to access DSRF’s programs. Funds available from the Bursary were donated by Mr. Klukas and other individuals to assist families who could not otherwise afford the program fees.

The Triple-21 Bursary is 21% of funds donated by individuals and corporations who are participating in DSRF's monthly giving campaign.

Both bursaries are the result of the generosity of our donors and we sincerely thank them for their support.

The level of support provided through the bursaries is based on a sliding scale, depending on family income, and has been designed to provide support to as many families as possible, depending on availability of funds and applications received.

Submit your application two weeks prior to program registration to the attention of the Bursary Committee. You may submit your application in person at 1409 Sperling Avenue, Burnaby, by email to, or by fax to (604) 431-9248. Click here to download the bursary application form.

In addition to DSRF's program bursaries, the following organizations provide funding for children's programs on an individualized basis:

Families approved for the At Home Program can access an annual maximum of $3,840 for each of three types of therapies: speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Click here for further information.

For adult students, the following post-secondary programs have been approved as programs of study that lead to a gain or improvement in skills needed to work in the National Occupation List of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and are qualified programs for tuition tax credits: Reading and Communication Plus, Budgeting and Money Math, and Social Communication and Navigation. DSRF will issue a T2202A E certificate for tuition paid in each calendar year. These programs are also eligible for the use of Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP).

CLBC-BCGEU scholarships: Deadline March 31; for application forms, click here, email or call 1-877-660-2522.  More information on the program is available here. Scholarships are up to a maximum of $2,500 and can be used for:

-skills training related to securing employment opportunities;

-training courses being offered by accredited B.C. Institutions;

-indirect costs associated with attending post-secondary education and training; or

-community recreation activities that promote quality of life and new skills

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