Employment Support Program

DSRF’s Employment Support Program offers one to one, personalized support for individuals whether seeking employment, needing support in their current job, or working on specific employment goals leading to promotion or new job opportunities. 

We offer instruction and coaching to obtain meaningful paid employment. Individual sessions focus on identifying skills and interests, resume building, applying for a position, and interviewing. Our employment support specialists provide hands-on support and training to employers, managers, and co-workers. They also assess the work environment for appropriate modifications and adaptations to support the job seeker. Once employment commences, support and check-ins with both the job seeker and the workplace will ensure a smooth transition into the workforce.

Employment Support can also assist in supporting the maintenance of employment and help with the working relationship between employer and employee. If an individual is looking to diversify their position at work or has specific employment goals, the employment support specialist can assist with goal setting and climbing the employment ladder. 

Support may also be provided based on the job seeker’s needs as they prepare to enter the workforce. Our focus is to work with individuals, families, and employers to facilitate a fruitful employment experience for all.

Employment Support Program Stages

Initial Intake and Goal Setting

  • Approximately four one-hour sessions
  • Skill identification, resume building, interview preparation

Job Search

  • Liaising with employers/contacts
  • Interview support 

Employment Support 

  • Employer training
  • Development of visual supports 
  • Employment setting modification

Job Maintenance

  • Reviewing and setting goals
  • Evaluation

Payment Policy

Families should inquire if a program offers financial assistance or if they qualify for funding (e.g. Variety, CKNW, At Home Program) at the time of registration. Financial assistance allocation is at the sole discretion of the DSRF. Families not part of a funding program (such as the Autism Funding Unit or the At Home Program) are required to pay the full fee of the session. Sessions are billed once monthly. Depending on the funding model, you will receive an invoice for any monies owing and/ or organizations will be billed directly. You must pay in order to ensure continuity of services.

Cancellation Policy

Non-emergency cancellations require 24 hours’ notice. Non-emergencies include vacations, preplanned medical appointments, family events, school events, parties, sports events, lack of childcare, or anything that is not designated as “emergency.” The session must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment. Sessions that are not cancelled with 24 hours’ notice will be billed at the full rate.

Client Agreement: Group Programs

Tuition Fees

Families have the option to pay the full fee at time of registration or pay the first month fee and provide post-dated cheques or credit card information for a monthly payment schedule, as outlined on the payment information form. Program withdrawals for group yearly programs must be made by September 30th and are subject to one month’s fee and a $150 administration fee. After September 30th, program fees are non-refundable

Student Progress

Informal assessments are used to evaluate students’ progress.  This information, along with regular communication with parents, is used to set individual and group program goals.

For more information on policies of specific programs or for any questions please contact Eleanor Stewart at 604-444-3773 x111 or eleanor@dsrf.org.