Before You Begin At Home Learning

Tips for Schedules and Structure

If you haven’t already done so, print off the schedule visuals seen here. Place in a plastic sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to write in learning activities and choice (‘All done’ or ‘Working for’) activities. Check off as they are completed. You can be quite general with naming the activities unless you think your child needs more detail. I often use “letters, words, reading, writing, numbers” as my activities, making it easier to tailor them to the mood of the day and follow the child’s lead. I’ve attached some symbols if you already have a different visual schedule that your child is used to and would prefer to use pictures.

Learn at Home Schedule
Working for:

Set up a comfortable place to work with your At Home Learning Kit supplies handy, but be open to allowing your child to choose where they want to work; some activities are easier at a table, but if it can be done on the floor, why not?! I am currently writing these posts from the comfort of my couch… we all have our preferences! Provide choice whenever possible. Allow your child to decide which order they want to do the learning activities in. Try putting the 4 picture symbols for the activities you have planned in front of your child and asking them to put one on each line of the schedule or in each box of the working for chart. If you plan to do more than 4 activities in the day, you can re-do the schedule later in the day, for example, set it up once for the morning and once for the afternoon. Providing choice can be as simple as what colour pencil they want to use or whether they want to have a snack before math or after.

If an activity is not going as planned or your child seems to have had enough, feel free to cut it short. Encourage them to finish what they are doing (for example, say: “finish spelling this word”, “finish reading this page”, “finish counting these blocks” and then “all done” or “we’ll have a snack” or ”I’ll read the rest”). This is a new and possibly stressful experience for everyone; we all deserve a break! Pick up with the next activity on your list when you think your child is ready.

Speaking of breaks, be sure to offer options for breaks whenever you feel your child needs one or when they request one. Click here to download and print symbols for possible break options.