Conversation Visuals

When your family is home together, conversation will be occurring – or attempted! – throughout the entire day. There are many unspoken rules and expectations involved in conversing, which can be abstract and difficult to teach or learn. Here are a few visuals that can help to prompt your child to initiate and maintain successful conversations. Choose one page at a time to explore and practice repeatedly at different times and places in your house. Print copies to keep in places where conversation tends to be the focus, such as at the dinner table.

These materials are generally appropriate for older individuals, usually at least in middle school. You can simplify them, if needed, by reducing the number of turns or topic choices (by cutting off or covering the rest). Or we encourage you to use these pages to inspire you to create your own visuals. It is best to personalize them to your child in terms of the topics that are relevant to them and their family members, as well as the number of choices or steps they can handle. Simply Google images, doodle pictures, or write words – whatever is meaningful to your child.