Links to Fun Learn at Home Activities

Reading BINGO!

Make it a fun weekly challenge to complete a full line of reading ‘challenges’ from this teacher blogger’s fun Reading BINGO:


Free access to news articles adapted for kids. There is an option to change the reading level (top right corner):


Scholastic has some great Learn at Home resources available. Check out this weekly plan with fantastic resources for Pre-K- K (other grade levels are available as well):

Podcasts for Kids

A huge selection of easy to navigate podcasts for kids. Great for car rides and nature walks, a couple of things we are doing more of these days! 

Magnetic Poetry

A fun way to make sentences and maybe even create a poetic masterpiece! This kit is made for kids and also includes an option for ‘first words’ (top left corner) that may already be part of your child’s sight word vocabulary.

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks

Lots of fun math games for all levels and skills, with videos to demonstrate how to play: 

Go Noodle

Follow along with videos and catchy tunes for movement breaks and physical activity: