Reversing Course: Down Syndrome and Regression

September 14, 2022 — Season 6 Episode 2
Dr. Jonathan Santoro, Dr. Eileen Quinn, and Cindy Harasen - Reversing Course: Down Syndrome and Regression

On Season 6, Episode 2 of The LowDOWN: A Down Syndrome Podcast, Dr. Jonathan Santoro and Dr. Eileen Quinn give us the lowdown on Down syndrome and regression, and Cindy Harasen shares her family’s story.

Blonde haired woman with Down syndrome flashing peace signs, sitting in a car

Episode Notes + Links

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Info Sheet: Down Syndrome Regression Disorder (NDSS)

“So many of our families are told their loved ones with Down syndrome and regression symptoms probably have early onset Alzheimer’s disease. I think this comes from health care professionals who know a little bit about DS (that they have a high incidence of Alzheimer’s), but not enough to realize that even in our population the symptoms do not start THAT young. I guess the 2 things I would want listeners to know are that symptoms of Alzheimer’s in DS are very rare before age 40 years, and that the onset is very gradual, over months and years.” – Dr. Quinn

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