Scope of Practice: Social Worker

The following is based on the official Scope of Practice of the British Columbia College of Social Workers.

Social Worker scope of practice, as defined by the educational and regulatory bodies of the profession, includes:

  • The provision of assessment, diagnostic, treatment, counselling and evaluation services within a relationship between a social worker and client; (AHP assessments, respite needs assessment, case triage, assessment of abuse and neglect) 
  • The development, promotion, management, administration, delivery and evaluation of human service programs, including that done in collaboration with other professionals; (AHP, Respite, Homemakers services, alternative housing, crisis care)
  • The provision of advocacy services
  • The provision of services in organizing and/or mobilizing community members and/or other professionals in the promotion of social change; (e.g. parenting courses) 
  • Any other activities recognized by the British Columbia College of Social Workers