Scope of Practice: Occupational Therapist

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OT scope of practice, as defined by the educational and regulatory bodies of the profession, includes:

Self-care (activities for taking care of oneself, including):

  • Feeding (holding utensils, tolerating new foods) 
  • Sleep routines (healthy habits) 
  • Toileting skills (wiping, hand washing) 
  • Hygiene skills (grooming, bathing, managing menstruation) 
  • Dressing (clothing, shoes, fasteners) 
  • Medical equipment adherence (masks, CPAP, glasses, hearing aides, orthotics) 

Productivity (activities to contribute to and be a part of the community, including):

  • School readiness skills (circle time, school routines, table readiness, transitions) 
  • Academic skills (letter/number skills, printing, drawing, cutting) 
  • Life skills (telling time, calendar and schedule use, navigation, typing) 
  • Cognitive skills (memory, attention, organization, initiation, problem solving) 
  • Community participation (employment/volunteer support and adaptations, assistive technologies) 
  • Occupational and environmental adaptations (seating, sensory diets, writing and cutting tools, other adaptive equipment) 

Leisure (activities that contribute to enjoyment of life, including):

  • Play skills (matching, manipulating toys, completing puzzles) 
  • Developing skills related to hobbies/leisure activities (e.g. riding a bike, climbing, pumping on a swing) 
  • Adaptive equipment (e.g. adapted bikes) 

Equipment recommendations/requests (to support participation in activities of self-care, productivity and leisure, including):

  • Supported seating (floor and table seating, specialized seatbelt attachments, specialized car seats) 
  • Mobility aides (wheelchair, walker, adapted stroller, hospital beds, lifts) 
  • Sensory equipment (wiggle cushion, swing, rocking chair) 
  • Bathing and toileting aides (bath seat, stool, commode, toilet safety frame, grab bar, ring reducer) 
  • Incontinence supplies (diapers, pull ups, diaper pads, wipes) 
  • Therapeutic equipment (therapy ball, therapy mat, therapy wedge, therapy roll) 
  • Orthotics  
  • CPAP 
  • Apps