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Learn At Home

DIY learning exercises for the COVID-19 crisis

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, DSRF's team of Down syndrome specialists will be sharing all kinds of learn-from-home suggestions and exercises to empower parents to work on essential skills with children and adults with Down syndrome. Check back frequently for the latest entries!

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Social Story (Kids)
COVID-19 Social Story (Teens & Adults)

Hand Washing Visual Aids: Pictures Only | Pictures and Words

Reading, Spelling and Math

Build Your Home Learning Kit

Build Your Home Learning Kit (essentials)
Get Ready for Reading and Spelling
Get Ready for Math
Get Ready for Digital Options
Get Ready for Comprehension, Vocabulary and Fluency

Learning Exercises

Before You Begin At Home Learning
Learn at Home Activities for Letter Sounds (A.K.A. Phonemes)
Learn at Home Activities for Spelling
Learn at Home Activities for Word Reading
Learn at Home Activities for Math

Speech Language Therapy

Communication Temptations
Visuals Around the House

Occupational Therapy

Printing Skills

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